Monday, June 28


Last week was awful....blah! So when Friday came It was such a relief. I love Pizza/Edo Japan night!!

The boys are almost done school, so we decided to have a un-birthday for Gabe/ Schools out for Summer party at our local pool. Gabe has a birthday in July so we had a little something so his friends could come.

It was Awesome! Uncle Dawson (my should be twin, but five years younger) brother came up to spend the weekend with us too.

Everything is always better when Dawson is around.
He will let Drew and I sleep in and I often find him doing a Yoga class with the kids in the morning.

Dawson and Drew have decided they are going to apply to be contestants on Wipeout Canada, so we made a video for his application while we were at the pool. The kids love watching it, it makes us all laugh pretty hard.

We also made a little video of everyone playing, is was an excellent and much needed break....sigh....I love summer, I love my family, and I love our friends!

Please ignore the screaming banshee of a mother in the background......



Amanda Adams said...

That audition was AWESOME!!! I love it!!!

Monika Crowfoot said...

awwww, i love the uncle yoga picture!

natalie said...

love the troll story! love all the stories really! time to write a book....