Tuesday, June 29

What are you doing?

When my oven clock read 3:11 this afternoon, I was really excited! That means my boys are now done school and any minute will be walking through the door ready to play with us for 60 days!!!!!!! I remember how good it felt coming home when school ended, I love summer vacation.
I have a ton of really fun things planned for us all this summer.

But before we begin all the fun, I had to go through all of the stuff from school.  The piles and piles of papers and books they bring home. I don't understand why they wait until the last day of school to send all this home? But I do love the drawings. Those are my favorite.

The one thing that concerned me greatly was when Gabe handed me his indoor shoes from school. You know the extra pair you had to buy so they have clean shoes in the school....well this is them..

This is what my son brought home. Now, I am not the teacher, but this seems a bit ridiculous to me. Why on earth have these not been sent home months ago to be replaced? And lets for a few seconds discuss if you don’t mind, WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING IN GRADE 1 TO CAUSE THIS LEVEL OF FOOTWEAR DESTRUCTION??? Because keep in mind these shoes do NOT go outside!??!!

I am at a loss?

Are you making them run laps throughout the day,on glass? Maybe they are required to run everywhere, like to the book shelf and back, but only on their tip toes?? Perhaps you are teaching them par core on the way to the library? Was your last unit for gym a military boot camp? Or maybe you stumbled on some sniper fire on the way to music, and everyone hid behind Gabe's feet to protect them?
Are you making them sand their shoes with sand paper for a hygiene reason? Honestly? I have never in my Life worn out a pair of shoes like this and I used to play sports, even my baseball shoes lasted more than 3 seasons. And that’s running on shale. These shoes were bought in September and worn inside.  

Even the tongues are gone? 

I am baffled.



Natasha said...

LOL. Even the tongues are gone?

My kids don't wear theirs out that badly but they do wear them out quite a bit. Joe shoes don't last AT ALL. I had some expensive Naturino shoes that held up well but the fabric was full of ballies on them, like all worn. I've had to replace one girl's shoes partway during the year.

Monika Crowfoot said...

i love your writing, it makes me smile and laugh out loud, really! :)

Chelsey said...

I would give that teach a five in the eye, knuckle sandwich, choke slam.