Wednesday, June 9

Walking with Seth

This afternoon Seth, Nora and I went for a walk to the store. I thought it would be fun to take the kids out to get some fresh air. We had a wonderful time, Nora would take off on Seth and he would run after her saying, ”Nora, I‘m gonna get you”
And she would squeal and run faster. It was delightful. I love little moments like this.

 As we were walking home Seth says to me, “I know where we go when we die”

A little random, but I love these kinds of talks with the kids...

“Well Seth, where do we go?”

“We go to Heaven”

“That’s right Seth, how did you get so smart?”

“I have always been this smart”

Giggling to myself.......

“Seth, what do we do in Heaven?”

“We don’t do much, just sit around, but we do get to eat”

“That makes me very happy Seth, I love food. What do we eat in Heaven?”

“You can eat what you want mom, I will be eating bread and honey”



Unknown said...

That is amazing!

rwiebelove&life said...

And I will be eating CHOCOLATE! How about you? :)