Tuesday, June 8


In my last post I mentioned Sariah, and realised no one has met her yet.

Sariah is our little angel who came to help us after my accident. Sariah is the Mexican version of Marry Poppins.
I first met Sariah at church, she was one of my Primary teachers when I first became the Primary President. She was actually one of  Seth’s  teachers.(Seth is my/our third son)
After the accident my friend Nerissa had suggested calling her to see if she could help before she heads back to Mexico.
 Thankfully she agreed to help, and wha-la!  
Today is Sariah’s 10th week with us, and although she is no longer here full time, she still comes over the days I have Physio.

I wanted to do something special for her, to show her how much she means to us.
Others might say, "give her a Gift certificate, or money, or buy her something she might actually like or want"....pft...no no...don’t be silly, I think one day she will see the beauty in being recognised publicly in a “nobody reads blog” so with that..here is my tribute to you lady...

There once was a girl named Sariah....

just kidding

My dear friend Sariah, 
I have really enjoyed your time with our family.
This has been a really hard time for me, and you have been so wonderful to us all. 
Thank you for all your baking-from Ethan
Thank you for always taking us to the library-from Seth
Thank you mummy Sariah-From Nora
Thank you for always getting good books and movies for us-from Gabe
Thank you for making Joelle lay on the couch as much as possible-from Drew
Thank you for being our friend.

Sariah is single and looking for a husband;)


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Natasha said...

So... you basically just had a nanny for a short time named Sariah? I've heard this story before.