Friday, June 25

In a Funk.

I have been in a bit of a funk this week, part of it has to do with officer Jack ass the Bylaw person, but some of it is just the blahs.
SO when I went to physio today (which often makes me feel better, working out does wonders for me) when I was there this morning I told PG and Lindsay (the physio student) I needed to hear a funny story to lighten my mood PG told me to tell Lindsay the “little person story.”

There are a few things I must say before I tell this story

1-I mean no disrespect by telling this story.

2-I am not making fun of anyone by telling this story, I have a special needs son and am only sharing an experience that was shared with me.

3-I believe Special needs people are Gods elite on this earth. They were beyond valiant in the pre-existence, and because they were, they have a physical or mental limitation on earth allowing them to not be tempted like the rest of us. They are beautiful and see things very different then we often with that...

A lady named Shelly, who has a grown special needs son named Mike still living with her, went out to get groceries one night before dinner time.
She had a long day and like most moms, was looking forward to the time alone picking a few things up.

When she arrived at the store and got herself a cart, her cell phone rang ”hello?”

“MOM!” Mike was on the other end, “YOU NEED TO COME HOME RIGHT NOW!”

“Mike, I just got to the store, what do you need?”


“Sounds great Mike, I will be home in a bit” Okay..bye”

Not thinking anymore of it Shelly continues with her task.
Her cell phone rings again she sees that it’s the house...

“Hello again”


Mike, I will be home soon, you just hang tight okay?”


 A little frustrated this time, she continues with an increased pace.

Moments later the phone rings again..


Shelly thinking this is really strange, decides to pay for the groceries and get home.

By the time she arrives home it’s been about 30 minutes since she left to go to the store, she grabs her things and goes into the house.
A little annoyed she says when she gets into the house, okay Mike what is so important? Let’s see this troll.
Mike quits holding the door closed and with a very proud smile on his face opens the closet and introduces his mom to his troll.

Shelly...gasps, drops her things.... is stunned, horrified and ready to die...His name is Mr.Sikes and he is a “little person” who happened to be going door to door telling people about Jehovah’s plan.


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Amber Goodale said...

Oh my! I just started reading your blog, got it from NOW! Radio, and I think this story is amazing!! It is just too funny! That poor guy must have been at a total loss for all thoughts and words!! I hope he took it in good humour. What a story that would be over dinner!!! XD