Tuesday, June 29

What are you doing?

When my oven clock read 3:11 this afternoon, I was really excited! That means my boys are now done school and any minute will be walking through the door ready to play with us for 60 days!!!!!!! I remember how good it felt coming home when school ended, I love summer vacation.
I have a ton of really fun things planned for us all this summer.

But before we begin all the fun, I had to go through all of the stuff from school.  The piles and piles of papers and books they bring home. I don't understand why they wait until the last day of school to send all this home? But I do love the drawings. Those are my favorite.

The one thing that concerned me greatly was when Gabe handed me his indoor shoes from school. You know the extra pair you had to buy so they have clean shoes in the school....well this is them..

This is what my son brought home. Now, I am not the teacher, but this seems a bit ridiculous to me. Why on earth have these not been sent home months ago to be replaced? And lets for a few seconds discuss if you don’t mind, WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING IN GRADE 1 TO CAUSE THIS LEVEL OF FOOTWEAR DESTRUCTION??? Because keep in mind these shoes do NOT go outside!??!!

I am at a loss?

Are you making them run laps throughout the day,on glass? Maybe they are required to run everywhere, like to the book shelf and back, but only on their tip toes?? Perhaps you are teaching them par core on the way to the library? Was your last unit for gym a military boot camp? Or maybe you stumbled on some sniper fire on the way to music, and everyone hid behind Gabe's feet to protect them?
Are you making them sand their shoes with sand paper for a hygiene reason? Honestly? I have never in my Life worn out a pair of shoes like this and I used to play sports, even my baseball shoes lasted more than 3 seasons. And that’s running on shale. These shoes were bought in September and worn inside.  

Even the tongues are gone? 

I am baffled.


Monday, June 28


Last week was awful....blah! So when Friday came It was such a relief. I love Pizza/Edo Japan night!!

The boys are almost done school, so we decided to have a un-birthday for Gabe/ Schools out for Summer party at our local pool. Gabe has a birthday in July so we had a little something so his friends could come.

It was Awesome! Uncle Dawson (my should be twin, but five years younger) brother came up to spend the weekend with us too.

Everything is always better when Dawson is around.
He will let Drew and I sleep in and I often find him doing a Yoga class with the kids in the morning.

Dawson and Drew have decided they are going to apply to be contestants on Wipeout Canada, so we made a video for his application while we were at the pool. The kids love watching it, it makes us all laugh pretty hard.

We also made a little video of everyone playing, is was an excellent and much needed break....sigh....I love summer, I love my family, and I love our friends!

Please ignore the screaming banshee of a mother in the background......


Friday, June 25

In a Funk.

I have been in a bit of a funk this week, part of it has to do with officer Jack ass the Bylaw person, but some of it is just the blahs.
SO when I went to physio today (which often makes me feel better, working out does wonders for me) when I was there this morning I told PG and Lindsay (the physio student) I needed to hear a funny story to lighten my mood PG told me to tell Lindsay the “little person story.”

There are a few things I must say before I tell this story

1-I mean no disrespect by telling this story.

2-I am not making fun of anyone by telling this story, I have a special needs son and am only sharing an experience that was shared with me.

3-I believe Special needs people are Gods elite on this earth. They were beyond valiant in the pre-existence, and because they were, they have a physical or mental limitation on earth allowing them to not be tempted like the rest of us. They are beautiful and see things very different then we often do....so with that...

A lady named Shelly, who has a grown special needs son named Mike still living with her, went out to get groceries one night before dinner time.
She had a long day and like most moms, was looking forward to the time alone picking a few things up.

When she arrived at the store and got herself a cart, her cell phone rang ”hello?”

“MOM!” Mike was on the other end, “YOU NEED TO COME HOME RIGHT NOW!”

“Mike, I just got to the store, what do you need?”


“Sounds great Mike, I will be home in a bit” Okay..bye”

Not thinking anymore of it Shelly continues with her task.
Her cell phone rings again she sees that it’s the house...

“Hello again”


Mike, I will be home soon, you just hang tight okay?”


 A little frustrated this time, she continues with an increased pace.

Moments later the phone rings again..


Shelly thinking this is really strange, decides to pay for the groceries and get home.

By the time she arrives home it’s been about 30 minutes since she left to go to the store, she grabs her things and goes into the house.
A little annoyed she says when she gets into the house, okay Mike what is so important? Let’s see this troll.
Mike quits holding the door closed and with a very proud smile on his face opens the closet and introduces his mom to his troll.

Shelly...gasps, drops her things.... is stunned, horrified and ready to die...His name is Mr.Sikes and he is a “little person” who happened to be going door to door telling people about Jehovah’s plan.


Sunday, June 20

Happy Fathers Day!

Let me tell you about my Dad John,

John is my Bio father. Dad is a good old fashioned cowboy. Dad loves animals and has lived on a farm for as long as I can remember.
The things I remember most from when I was little are him always keeping the beat to songs playing on the radio with his hands tapping the steering wheel. Then out of nowhere he would grab my knee and squeeze it in a sort of tickle/torture sort of way. The pain would cause you to flip onto the floor of the truck and twist to try and get away from his death grip.

Dad is a hunter and has decorated every home he has had with stuffed heads and animal skins. I have had many a sleepless night staring up at these heads while visiting him.
One of the best things I can remember about my visits to Dads farms was how I was most able to have an imagination there. Playing on the farm was always filled with hard work (haying season was always my favorite) and time. Tons of time to go exploring and pretending.
Dads farms have always been my safe place. While I was in labour with my children I would often “go to the farm” mentally when the pain was too hard to deal with.  
My Dad John use to make apple pies, really deep dish apple pies using loaf pans. My Dad is liked by everyone.
My Dad use to rodeo and I remember him letting me steer ride one summer in the Tepee Creek rodeo. I loved everything about that day, how, even if he didn’t think I could do it, he never said anything that would make me doubt myself. I just wish he had me wear a hockey helmet and not the English riding helmet. I looked like such an idiot!
I scored a 72 on that ride and I remember him giving me a hug after and saying, “your grandpa would have been so proud of you”
He took me out for pizza after and kept telling everyone, “my daughter rode a steer today.”
My Dad bought me my first beer, and bought my son Ethan his first pair of boots and cowboy hat.
Last September my Dad was in a horrible quad accident. He was up north hunting and it rolled on his head. Brain bleeds, skull fractures, cut off ear, brain damage, every bone in his face was broken, Medivacs, intubation, months in the ICU... It was a ugly time for our family. But in true John style, and against all odds, he made an almost full recovery and just last week got his driver’s licence back. We are so proud of you!
You are one tough Son of a Gun dad. 
I love you!

Now let me tell you about Steve!

Steve is my Daddy. My mom remarried Steve when I was younger (8 maybe) and I think it is because of Steve that I decided to get married myself one day. He is quite possibly the single craziest and most wonderful guy in the universe.

When mom was dating Steve he use to tell Dawson and I (clearly we were retarded) that he was from the planet Borderrigme (pronounced BOR-DER-RIG-ME) but when he actually said the name of his home planet he would sign the “live long and prosper” hand sign and simultaneously Belch the name Borderrigme.

Dawson and I ate it all up. We thought this guy was amazing! He also had a motorcycle, He was 100 feet tall, had the reddest hair and a mustache  that was beyond perfect. He loved plants, and our house was always full of green things. To which I find myself doing now, and I find a home or space much more comfortable when it has a nice selection of plant life.

Steve loves cars, he always played baseball, rode horses with mom and us, but his true sports calling in life is golf. Steve is an amazing golfer! I would confidently say to anyone “my Dads better then your Dad, and I’ll put money on it!”

Steve is loyal, and funny. He has the greatest friends. My mom and Dad, still go to the same Christmas gift exchange party with the same people every year and have since we first met Steve.

My Dad Steve is where Dawson and I got most of our humor. I remember walking home from school one day with a friend (I was in grade 7 or 8) I saw Steve driving past and I yelled ”Hi” and waved. To which Steve stuck his arm out the window and flipped me the bird! I still can’t help but laugh when I think of that day.

Steve taught me how to change the oil in my first car, make oatmeal from scratch, ski, clean in such a way that you could comfortably eat off the floor you just cleaned.

Steve grew in Dawson and I a deep love and appreciation for all types of music, and all genres of movies. I love eccales cakes now because of you, but I’m still not feeling the marmalade thing.

I can honestly say I do not remember Steve ever getting really mad, only once, and my butt really hurt after that single spank. But yours would too after getting hit by the equivalent of a boat ore.

Steve-O, Jonesy, fart face, I love you so much. I am so thankful for you, and I am so grateful my children will get to know you when your still so ugly, and relatively sane.

You are the best thing since sliced bread!

I love you!

Let me tell you about my father in law Richard,

Have any of you had the experience when you were little that you came out of your bed room with your band new dress on, and your daddy was standing there and has a huge smile on his face and tells you how beautiful you look.

And the pride you feel almost seems like it will literally burst out of you. Your smile gets bigger, and almost hurts your face. You sway back and forth to make your dress twirl, and he then gasps again and makes you feel like that simple act made you look even prettier to him.

Well that’s how my father in law makes me feel. I truly, deep down, feel I could do no wrong in his eyes. I married into the best family anyone in the whole world ever could.

Richard is so kind, quietly strong (he just kicked cancers butt-ox), loyal to all, and the world’s best friend. Ask any of his friends and they will say the same thing.

Richard can fix anything, and has. Richard and Diane have raised two amazing children, and continue to be unbelievably involved with the grandchildren. I always feel like Richard is interested in what I say.

Dick has a love for cars, and has, without hesitation handed me the keys to his 1960 Corvette or his 2003 T-Bird and said have fun!

I never feel judged or corrected by Richard. He is just always there, smiling ready to help.

Thank you for being so wonderful!

I love you.


The father of our four beautiful children. Well three for sure...

I am one lucky girl. I feel very blessed to have you. You are the best first husband any girl could ever have. I AM JUST JOKING.

I feel very fortunate to have you as my life partner. You have always been my safe place to fall. You are tender when I need it and will stand your ground when I need it more.

You have given me and the children such a beautiful life. I am very fortunate to have married such a hard working man.

From Ethan- Thanks for working hard and you are going to like my Father’s day present.
From Gabe-Thank you for taking us camping, I love that.
From Seth-I love helping Dad.
From Nora- Thank you for singing me the popcorn and special angel songs last night.

To all the Dads in my life,
Happy Fathers Day!!!!
I adore and love you all!


Thursday, June 17

My first day in my first job as an EMT

This morning at physio I was giggling with the ladies in the front about how Drew and I met, and that led to stories about college and practicum. Then while PG was doing some really really back woods physio on me that I am sure he saw on YouTube the night before, I was reminiscing about my very first day of my very first job as an EMT so many years ago....

I had been hired by a horrible company to work up in Northern Alberta for my first job as an EMT. The day I started I still had not yet gotten my drivers license to drive an ambulance (I had a license, just not my class 4 yet). I told my employer that my appointment for my drivers test was not until the following week, to which they replied,  We don t care. We need you to start today. Just make your partner drive and you attend all calls.  (Which meant I was in the back with all patience.)

And so my shift began.

I don t remember my partner's name, I just remember he was a nice guy-- funny and very outgoing. He was tall, and I felt very comfortable with him.

The crews did our own dispatching which meant we answered our own emergency calls. So at about 11pm we got our first call for a  guy who needs to go to the hospital . It was common that little information would be given; we would just be told where to go, and to get there fast.

We got into the rig and drove off to pick up this guy, with full lights and sirens. One of the many problems with this location of Northern Alberta was that cell phone reception was horrible and we were isolated. The next closest crew was 1 hour away from us. We did tell them where we were going, but once we would get to a certain bridge they could not contact us.

We arrived at the house of the sick man. The stars were unreal-- so bright and clear, thousands of them. I had never seen the northern lights like that in my life, truly God's country. We were greeted by a few dogs checking us out, and the others were doing a good job on some dead animals in the front yard. We went up to the house and there was an axe in the front door. Hmmm. I've seen different types of door art before, many different door knockers too. I had seen a lot while I was a missionary. Birds, dogs, cats... but nothing had ever grabbed my attention quite like that before.

We walked in and there were three people in the home who all clearly had been drinking copious amounts and for a very long time. A bigger guy sitting on a chair said hi when we came in, but other than that he was very quiet. A woman, short with long hair, was pointing and very concerned for the guy on the couch. And rightfully so: He was passed out and his nose was completely cut off, hanging by two little pieces of tissue at the sides. I could not believe my eyes. I walked up closer and put my gloves on. My partner did the same.
We got up to the guy and said turning to the woman,  What happened?

The woman simply said,  He fell.

We tried to wake the guy up. My partner called to the man, as I stared almost hypnotised up his nasal cavity. Every part of the cartilage was cut off, and I could see his skull/nose area.

All that kept running through my head was that this guy was going to get an infection, that he had to get up and get to the rig. My partner started yelling a lot louder.

I began to question the woman.  So he fell?


 He fell on what?

 We were dancing, and he fell.

 On what?

I am outside now on the deck with the door still open looking around to try and find blood...

The other guy comes up to me and the woman, he is HUGE, giant-like. I bet he was 6' 6 240lbs and it became clear right away that he was very simple-- slow of speech and very kind. He asked if he could help me.

I ask him,  what happened?

She answers again,  He fell.

The big guy looked confused at the woman,  That' s not what happened. You hit him with a bottle.

Ooh wonderful. I started to get a little creped out. I looked over at my partner. He was yelling at the noseless guy and grinding his knuckles into his chest to wake him. (By the way, that is very painful and in a normal situation would cause someone to sit up and swear.)

The guy stirred a bit and after a few rubs from my partner sat up.

I kept asking the woman,  Sooo, what did you hit him with? I just need to know so I can tell the doctor.

She stuck to her story.  He fell.

The big guy was very confused,  No! You were over there and you hit him with a bottle.

I looked over again at the progress my partner was making. The guy had laid down again and my partner was tugging on the nose to cause enough pain to wake the guy. I felt a bit grossed out and totally amazed at the same time.

Finally, the guy woke up.

The woman said,  You gotta go to the hospital.

He was having none of that.  NO.

She argued back  You are going.

 I don t want to go.

This continued for a few minutes as we all walked to the ambulance, with all of us trying to convince this guy how important it is because HIS NOSE IS BARELY ATTACHED TO HIS FACE!!!

Finally she says,  Well, if I gotta go to the hospital would you go then?

And with that, she walks to the house.

Now, please keep in mind, I had just interviewed her for almost thirty whole minutes. I know without any question she was okay when she left us outside and walked into the house.
I did not think anything about her going to the house because really, why would I?

A few minutes later she came out with a towel around her hand, walked up to the group of us who were still trying to convince this guy to go to the hospital and said,  Will you go now?  She opened up the towel and (I swear this is a true story) had cut her thumb COMPLETELY OFF!

I was in total shock, my partner as well. What on earth do you say to that?

In stunned amazement I started at her with my mouth gaping open.

Crazy thing was, no one seemed surprised but us.

The nose guy said,  Okay, get in.

All three got in and I am looking at my partner with terror in my eyes,  Please don' t put me back there. She just cut off her thumb. If she can do that, she could kill me with a fart.  He assured me I was driving, which was not much better, because I had never driven an ambulance.

I was white knuckle-driving the entire hour because every once in a while the passengers in the back decided they wanted out and they opened the back doors and tried to jump. I would be informed of their attempts by a sudden and terrifying shriek from my partner,  JOELLE, SLOW DOWN!! To which I slammed on the brakes, forcing everyone to the front of the ambulance and my partner would close the doors again. I prayed a lot that night.

My partner began doing the YMCA dance to distract them and thankfully it worked.

We get about forty minutes away from the hospital and the cell phone in the rig rang. I answered.


 Hey, it' s us, [the other crew that works for this company].

 What do you need?

 We just got a call for a guy who was hit by a car and you are going to come up on him before we get there. Can you stop and take care of him till we arrive?

 What the heck. Why not?

Soon I came up to a huge group of people on the road surrounding something/someone on this back woods road.

 I will go check it out.

 Hurry, the YMCA is not working well anymore.

I got out, my heart pounding, and I was sure everyone could hear it.

The circle opened and in the center is a man, laying on the ground, with a blanket on him.

A rather large car, maybe a Crown Victoria, green, was there too and obviously, the car that hit him because the lights are a bit roughed up.

People are yelling at me,  Help him!

He was laying prone but trying to stand up. I asked him his name and what happened while I leaned over to take the blanket off.

I took a step back and gasped. I had never seen anything quite like this in school or on my practicum. This guy was complete MUSH from the knees down. AND HE WAS TRYING TO STAND UP.

 Sir, stay laying down please.

 I gotta get going.

 Nope, nope you don t, lay down please.

 Listen B#%*H, I gotta get up.

 Sir, your legs are broken," (Understatement.) "They look more like a smoothie. You can t get up, please lay down.

I looked over at my rig at the people still doing the YMCA. Crap! I was all by myself with this one.

 Please lay down, sir, while we wait for the other ambulance.

My begging was no good.

I had some people around me wanting to help, some asking questions, but most were just yelling at me to help him. One lady who, from her odour, had clearly been drinking too, started asking me questions.

 Do ya think his legs are busted?

 Well, we will have to do x-rays to be sure, but I think it s a safe bet. See how his knee lifts up when he tries to stand, and see how the rest of his leg is flat and not moving, and how his feet are turned and laying flat on the ground, too, in the opposite way then they normally would be? Those are some good signs there is a break or two.

 But he' ll get x-rays to make sure, right?

 Ya, we'll make sure. I' d hate for there to be a misdiagnoses

I heard the sirens coming. THANK GOODNESS!!

Unable to do much because if I left this guy would keep trying to stand, I just sat there with my finger on his forehead holding him down while the other crew assessed him and packaged him up. Once they had him in their rig, I got back into mine and we all drove to the hospital. A little frazzled but day one done! 

That was the first of so many crazy days there, man I loved that job!


Wednesday, June 16


I just got back from a fun day of taking pictures with my friend Caylee for my Blog. I am really excited to show everyone. What a spoil me day it has been.
I got home and sat on the chair and Nora came running up to me.

 "Look mom" she says
"Ooh pretty" (I don't really see anything in her fingers that are pinched together)
She puts her fingers in her mouth and say, "yum"
"Mmmm" I say back with big over exaggerated eyes that pretend thing must have been very good.

I return to my work and Seth comes over and disgustingly informs me,"Mom, Nora ate my finger nail"

...shudder...yuck... Good parenting eh!


Friday, June 11

His and Hers

I picked up the mail and when I got into the house to open it, to my surprise, I found his and hers matching speeding tickets. One of Drew's car, and one of my truck,taken in the same spot four hours apart.We were both going the exact same speed too.

I immediately looked on the calendar to see what on earth we were doing that day, and I noticed it was the second of June, and the day came flooding back to me.

My wonderful husband Drew decided this summer was going to be the summer we got a camping trailer, and he has been madly looking all over the world for one that is perfect for our family and within our price range (I bet he has read through about 100 different adds.)

Not an easy order seeing how it needs to sleep 6, work really well, not leak when it rains, and be within the free99 range.

But one day Drew found one he felt might fit the bill, so he says to me he wants me to go see it.

The day went something like this,

Drew: “Please go see it Joe”

J: “Drew, the guy said he has been LIVING in it for the last 5 years and smoking in it the entire time” I am NOT wasting my time:

Drew: “He said every time he smoked he had the vents opened”

J: “Drew, I Grew up with two parents that were smokers, they also think if you eat a piece of gum after smoking that no one can tell”

Drew: “well, we could just wash everything”

J: “You are not serious?”

Drew: silence...which I know means he knows I am right, but he does not want to fold, so i decided to not be a jerk....

J: “okay, I will go LOOK, I am not making any promises”

Drew: “Thank you, I will go look at it this morning and I will text you the directions so you can see it after”

J: “Alright, but if it smells really bad tell me and I will not waste my time”

Drew: “I will”

J: ”How much is he asking for it”

Drew: ”$1,200.00”

So after I get back from Physio I talk to Drew on the phone and he assures me it wasn’t “that bad” of a smell.

I reluctantly agree to go, thankfully Sariah says she wants to come with me.

So we drive the HOUR to the camp ground and I am greeted by a very grumpy woman who points out which way to go.

I pull up to the trailer and Sariah and I get out.

I walk up to it, and already can smell a faint nauseating odour before I even open the door.

Sariah is 3 steps back and off to the side, I open the door and am instantly slammed in the face with a smell I have not smelled in years.

My eyes are burning and watering, and I am transported back in time to the first time I walked into a home where a dead body had been rotting....I wretch,

I step into the trailer, walk 2 steps, look around and wretch again. Nope I was wrong, it does not smell like a dead body, it smells like that time my old Paramedic partner and I had to pick up a woman who had an abscess on her stomach and it had opened and was leaking puss all over her house for 2 days before calling the ambulance....

I wretch again

This is way worse than just smoke, I open the bathroom door just to confirm there is not actually a dead body in here,

I see Sariah is still outside, I said “Are you going to look at it?”

Sariah says,”No, I will sleep in a tent”

I can’t take it anymore, I get out and back to the truck.

I feel light headed, and really grossed out. I am trying very hard to calm the boiling rage I am feeling for my clearly sensory deprived husband.

We drive another hour back home and I struggle the entire time to not call Drew and give him a piece of my mind....

On the way home I find a trailer parked on the side of the road with a for sale sign in it. I pull over, call the guy and make arrangements to meet with him later that night. He tells me he just put it there that morning.

I return later at 6:30, and see it. It’s wonderful AND CLEAN. The very nice man says he will hold it for us until the following night so Drew can see it when he returns home from his out of town work trip.

Bada bing bada boom, $300 later...we own a trailer. Thank you, Thank you, that's how you get things done.

.....9 days later.... the additional $178 we now owe the police because my husband can’t smell, (and because I speed) Grrrrr


Wednesday, June 9

Walking with Seth

This afternoon Seth, Nora and I went for a walk to the store. I thought it would be fun to take the kids out to get some fresh air. We had a wonderful time, Nora would take off on Seth and he would run after her saying, ”Nora, I‘m gonna get you”
And she would squeal and run faster. It was delightful. I love little moments like this.

 As we were walking home Seth says to me, “I know where we go when we die”

A little random, but I love these kinds of talks with the kids...

“Well Seth, where do we go?”

“We go to Heaven”

“That’s right Seth, how did you get so smart?”

“I have always been this smart”

Giggling to myself.......

“Seth, what do we do in Heaven?”

“We don’t do much, just sit around, but we do get to eat”

“That makes me very happy Seth, I love food. What do we eat in Heaven?”

“You can eat what you want mom, I will be eating bread and honey”


Tuesday, June 8


In my last post I mentioned Sariah, and realised no one has met her yet.

Sariah is our little angel who came to help us after my accident. Sariah is the Mexican version of Marry Poppins.
I first met Sariah at church, she was one of my Primary teachers when I first became the Primary President. She was actually one of  Seth’s  teachers.(Seth is my/our third son)
After the accident my friend Nerissa had suggested calling her to see if she could help before she heads back to Mexico.
 Thankfully she agreed to help, and wha-la!  
Today is Sariah’s 10th week with us, and although she is no longer here full time, she still comes over the days I have Physio.

I wanted to do something special for her, to show her how much she means to us.
Others might say, "give her a Gift certificate, or money, or buy her something she might actually like or want"....pft...no no...don’t be silly, I think one day she will see the beauty in being recognised publicly in a “nobody reads blog” so with that..here is my tribute to you lady...

There once was a girl named Sariah....

just kidding

My dear friend Sariah, 
I have really enjoyed your time with our family.
This has been a really hard time for me, and you have been so wonderful to us all. 
Thank you for all your baking-from Ethan
Thank you for always taking us to the library-from Seth
Thank you mummy Sariah-From Nora
Thank you for always getting good books and movies for us-from Gabe
Thank you for making Joelle lay on the couch as much as possible-from Drew
Thank you for being our friend.

Sariah is single and looking for a husband;)


Monday, June 7

Here I grow.

Today when I went to physio I did the usual; shock box on both my ankle and my back (my back is unhappy with the way my leg turns in whilst I walk now).. it is just one more thing that adds to my most awesome-est swagger.  

So in an attempt to fix that too, Physio guy says to me at the end of my appointment, “ I am going to put you in traction for a bit.”  Well that sure sounds fun.  I might have not been so intimidated had he not had to uncover it from its dusty tarp and crank it to start it up... joking.

Anyway I got all strapped into this thing and PG says, ”it will make you taller.”

“WHAT, for real?”  I will do traction for a year if it will make me taller.  5’6" has served me well for a long time now, but just think of all the amazing things I could do if I was taller.... I could reach the top of my cupboards to get the pretty glasses (not have to ask my 8 year old to do it), dust the tops of my windows, hang Drew’s shirts in his shirt closet, and Dunk.... Ooh the possibilities are endless.

So the entire time I was on this medieval rack I am imagining myself getting all stretched out, eager to find out HOW much taller I will be at the end of it.  Willing my body to allow the growth.

When my time was up I got home as fast as I could, kind of hopped/ran in to the house, burst in the door and asked Sariah and Drew to measure me....

Would you look at that! I am taller!!!!!

At this rate I will be in the WNBA in 20 more years... or never ;)


Thursday, June 3

Run Forest!

Today was a wonderful day!  Today I ran.  I RAN!!!  It's been 79 days since my accident.

It was not for very long, (only 5 minutes and 42 seconds) - it was not very fast, and it was only on a treadmill.  But I ran!

I was pouring with sweat, and it felt great. I have not ran in over 3 months.

I was so happy I did not even mind if PG hooked my up to the shock box today.

I left physio in a great mood, I felt like skipping down the road to the truck.
My good mood continued all the way to Safeway as I picked up a few groceries, I wanted to high-five everyone I saw, I was in such a good mood, I would have even high-fived the guy picking his nose down isle 3...well, maybe not.

I will never take running for granted again.