Thursday, May 20

Yay for electricity!

So today was a crazy day at Physio for me...

Ooh ya, “why are you at Physio Joelle?”  Good question.
Well, some of you might already know, but for those of you who don’t...

Drew gave me rock climbing classes for Christmas this year.  Ha ha- little did he know it would be the single most expensive gift he would ever give me.  Even more expensive then my engagement ring... "rock climbing classes show her you love her with... 2 years salary.”

On week 8 of the 10 week course we had lead fall night, where you climb to the top of the wall, count off, and let go. I had already done the 3 required falls for the class when another lady from my class asked if I would do one more fall so she could practice her lead belaying.

I climbed to the top (ignoring my inner voice that clearly told me not too - not once but 4 times..  but that is a story for another day); I had my instructor count me off, and I let go.

This is the wall I let go of:

I fell about 15 feet and on the way down my left foot hit one of the holds.  After weeks and weeks of doctors visits, 7 x-rays, 2 CT’s and 1 MRI later It was determined I had fractured my ankle 3 times and my knee in 1 place.


After weeks of couch sitting, movie watching, book reading, and drug taking I was ready to go to physio to start the long journey back to regain my supermodel status and resume mine and Drew’s plans for world domination.

On my first day of Physio I was worried I might have taken too many pain killers when I was greated by Ryan Renolds and Lenny Kravicks who claim to be my physio therapists.

Imagine my pleasant surprise the next visit when I didn’t take anything before I got there and they were still the same guys;)

See, I was not joking!!!

(Disclaimer)- I will call my Physio therapist Physio Guy, or PG to protect his private life, I don’t need to be blamed for women throwing themselves into oncoming traffic so they can have Lenny or PG work on them. And yes, I do have a few shamless friends who would do that... you know who you are.  (But if you find work getting slower PG, let me know and I will post your office address ;)

Sorry, SO, today was a crazy day at physio for me because today PG decided I had successfully completed all the chapters of the standard physio text book s- you know, massage, pressure points, stretching, hot pads to warm the area, those sorts of things ... 

Today was my first day of the red neck backwoods textbook where physio guy hooked me up to jumper cables (or the shockbox).  

PG puts this rather unassuming little black box with wires on my leg. How bad could this be, it only as one duracel battery in it right?

PG says,” let me know when you can feel the tingling” I am laying on my back waiting, and then it happens! I have thought for a while how I might describe what this felt like to me, and all I can come up with is perhaps this might be the sensation ones feels when you gather about 1 meter of electric fence and put it in your mouth all at once. Or maybe when you shove a fork into a plug in, get shot with a taser, or maybe if you decided to defibrillate yourself.

It was so sudden and unexpected that when PG turned it on, it was such an overwhelming jolt that not only did I jump up and towards him from a completely prone and relaxed position to knock that out of his hands, I also think I peed my pants.

This is my foot minding it's own business.

This is what this little box is capable of on level 4... it goes up to level 10.  

My foot when the shock box is on.

Then for giggles, PG told me to walk around on my tip toes for 10 steps then on my heels for 10 steps when the shock box is on, also I need to increase it after 5-6 shocks.

I am not sure what will heal me faster... the techniques used to force your body to move, or the public humiliation of walking like an idiot?


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Natasha said...

Dude. Your physios are hot. What the hell?!